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PT Elang Karunia & PT Elang Kurniasakti

Leading Players

PT Elang Kurniasakti & Karunia provide Chemicals, Equipments, and Metals to support our customers in Automotive & Airspace industries, Water and Metal Surface Treatment Industries.

The Specialist

PT Elang Kurniasakti & Karunia is a trading company specializing in electroplating chemicals,water treatment, equipment and engineering, and distribution focusing in the field of surface treatment and surface finishing. 

Skilled People

Our highly skilled technicals, sales, laboratory in knowledge, experience, and equipments are ready to help you in anyway possible 

World Wide Brands

Our suppliers are world wide brands, with utmost strict quality control and accredited quality assurance systems with accordance to environmental friendly standard. 

Great Support

Support from our company branches around Indonesia.

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