Peristaltic pump AMP series

Industrial peristaltic pump, reinforced rubber hose system for working pressures to 8 bar.

Available flow from 10 to 1200 l/h, different driver options available for fixed or variable speed, different connections system available on request.

Roller press system with ball bearings and hose lubrication by a small quantity of silicon grease.

Applications Peristaltic pump AMP series

  • WATER TREATMENT: Muds, lime milk, ceramic additives, etc ...
  • CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: Inks, glues, dyes, peroxide, acids, etc. ...
  • FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Milk, oils, enology additives, liquid egg, sauces, jams, etc ...
Operating principle

The operating principle of a peristaltic pump attracts by its simplicity and advantages.
A tubular element with accurate dimensions, made in different types of elastomer or thermoplastic, is housed into the pump body.

When this tubular element is compressed by the rotary action of the rotor and its corresponding rollers or shoes, it recovers its
initial shape creating a vacuum, suctioning this way the fluid.

The fluid gets into the cavity formed by the rollers that press the tube, and is gently pushed to the outlet by the following roller.
Therefore, the pump is a positive displacement volumetric pump with exceptional features.