Thingwell has been established in 1978, firs of its kind in Taiwan. Due to their experience and knowledge PT Elang Karunia trusts Thingwell in providing good quality machine for electroplating industry as well as material selection to get a rigid and effective corrosion resistant machine. 

Thingwell produce:

  1. Titanium Basket
  2. Electring Heating Tube
  3. Auto Temperature Regulator
  4. Freezer
  5. Indrustrial Negative-Pressure Draft-Fan
  6. Hangers coated with PVC Powder/Glue
  7. Acid/Alkali Resistant Filter Fabric Bag, Anolyte Bag, Filter Element Bag
  8. Auto Quatified replenisher of Plating Material to the through
  9. Hull Cell Electronic Tester