PT Hesindo Sumber Kimia Officialy Obtain ISO 9001:2015

PT Hesindo Sumber Kimia officially obtained ISO 90001:2015 with focus on Trading of Chemical Products and Engineering Process for General Industry  starting 18 June 2019. PT Elang Kurniasakti and PT Elang Karunia is included within the certification ISO 9001:2015, where ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system standard and is a global benchmark for quality management systems. ISO 9001: 2015 is the latest revision and this version requires companies to understand the context of their organization, as well as recognize risks that can have an impact on the planning of the quality management system, and recognize opportunities that can be used to improve or develop a quality management system.

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The Basics of Nickel Plating

Nickel Plating, or nickel electroplate, is one of the oldest forms of protective and decorative electro-deposited procedures involving metallic coatings. It is frequently used on base metals to provide corrosion protection and improve the appearance of the items treated. 

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Flashback to the Past: History of Electroplating

Electroplating is a process that involves coating the specific metal object with a minute layer, often times in millionths of an inch, of another type of metal.

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Happy New Year 2018

PT Elang Kurniasakti and PT Elang Karunia family would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2018. We hope that this year will bring more success, happiness, and health.

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Atotech Seminar on Decorative Coatings and PLating on Plastics Seminar

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The Successful Opening Ceremony on November 16th

On November 16th 2016, PT Elang Kurniasakti has succesfully officiates the New Office Buidling in KITIC Area where PT Elang Kurnisakti will start the new 2017 there. The opening ceremony consists of the signing of the stone under the Eagle statue by Mr. Hanapi as the forefather, founder, and creator of PT Metindo which is the base of PT Elang Kurniasakti. Then there is the ribbon cutting at the main door to officiates the office building, and finally the balloons, which is just for fun and color. 

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Our Exciting New Website

Coincide with our move to our new office in KITIC Area soon, PT Elang Kurniasakti and PT Elang Karunia is proud to announce that we have finished our new website as well. It took us longer than expected as there were many information to account for and also design of the website to suit our company image. Needless to say, after grueling 6 months of preparation, information gathering, and many research, and although it is not 100% information ready www.ptelang.com is ready and up online!

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New Office

It has been 24 years since PT Elang was built  and while the office in Sunter provide us with many opportunities to interact with so many of our customers due to its location in the central area. It is now to say goodbye to our old amazing office and move to the next bigger and newer office in KITIC (Kawasan Industri Terpadu Indonesia China) Area. We feel that these changes will give us more space to grow so we can offer our customers with more exciting new products, better delivery service and provide more company service.

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Update on the move

Since the new office is almost finished, PT ELANG family is now busy moving from the old office to the new one.  We have already move the office equipment such as chairs, tables, projectors, and cabinets off to the new offices. Since the warehouse now only have several racks, as for now we have only move some of our goods.

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