Atotech Seminar on Decorative Coatings and PLating on Plastics Seminar

Atotech is one of the world leading manufacture of specialty chemicals and equipment for the decorative and fuctional surface finishing industries as well for the printed circuit board, IC Substarte and semiconductor industries. PT Elang Kurniasakti is pleased to be join as Co-Host on the seminar. The topic will be covered by expert speakers in atotech, Mr Konstantin Schwarzz and Mr. Kenta Maeda. 

Plating on plastic, as the name suggest is the process of plating done on plastic material. 

Quick facts 

  • Full range of copper, nickel, nickel alloy and chrome electrolytic processes, and processes for plating on plastics
  • Products for conventional and direct plating on plastics
  • Full spectrum of trivalent chromium solutions
  • Approved by numerous OEMs
  • Full range of pretreatment products for multi metal application
  • Improved production solutions with auxiliary systems

Where is the applications? 

  • Interior and exterior vehicle fittings (e.g. trim, handles, emblems, aluminum rims), shower heads, bathroom faucets, general fittings, hinges, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics
  • Applications within automotive, sanitary, furniture, consumer electronics, white goods, cosmetics and fashion industries
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