The Successful Opening Ceremony on November 16th

On November 16th 2016, PT Elang Kurniasakti has succesfully officiates the New Office Buidling in KITIC Area where PT Elang Kurnisakti will start the new 2017 there. The opening ceremony consists of the signing of the stone under the Eagle statue by Mr. Hanapi as the forefather, founder, and creator of PT Metindo which is the base of PT Elang Kurniasakti. Then there is the ribbon cutting at the main door to officiates the office building, and finally the balloons, which is just for fun and color. 

We are so very grateful for our customers and supplier who has spend the time and effort to come to our opening ceremony and help us celebrate the special day. We would like to thank the suppliers listed below for coming personally to celebrate with us and we thank you for the wonderful gifts and congratulatory words. 

  1. Mr. Erik Bredero from Mefiag
  2. Mr. Hans Huizing, Mrs. Erika, and Mr. Geoffrey Huizinga 
  3. Mrs. Karen Posthomus & Mrs. Hanneke Coolen from Profilplast
  4. Mr. Howard Chu & Mr. Hsu from Zenith
  5. Mr. Manoj Pagar from Kraftpowercon
  6. Mr. Ph Pua from Univertical
  7. Mrs. Audrey Teo and Mr. Andy from Sanrex
  8. Mr. Himukai Tetsuya from Alconix.

We hope that with the new office, PT Elang can grow into a better and bigger company. We hope to be a better business partner to our supplier and hope to grow more in products and fields. Become a better supplier to our customers with much faster respond and service and also maintaining the quality of our products.