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Three reasons why a rectifier from KraftPowercon is a good choice | KraftPowercon
Three reasons why a rectifier from KraftPowercon is a good choice | KraftPowercon

Aftersales & Service are natural parts of our day-to-day work, as it ensures our customers’ operational capacity throughout our products’ entire life cycle. That is why we keep track of our installations and offer rapid and efficient support if our customers find themselves in a situation where they need it.

Ballast water management systems are complex systems that require technical expertise and know-how to maintain. They are also comprised of several different parts that need to work faultlessly under any circumstance. This is especially true for the rectifier, which supplies the electrochlorination cell – the component responsible for treating the ballast water – with power. If the rectifier for some reason stops working, so does the entire ballast water treatment system. And with no power, there’s no ballasting.

When you are out at sea, and there is no repair shop around the corner, you can rest assured you have made a wise choice equipping your ballast water management system with a rectifier from KraftPowercon. But don’t just take our word for it, here are three concrete reasons why:

1. Our rectifiers are high-performing and reliable

The high reliability of our systems gives you a number of distinct advantages. The low power consumption means a small footprint as well as low operating and maintenance costs. The latter is further fueled by the modular design of our rectifiers. They are designed to improve uptime, and should maintenance be required you can run your system on reduced power, preventing costly standstills and downtime. Putting it all together, our power supply significantly improves your business by helping you to a safe, speedy and efficient ballast water management.

2. We keep track of our installations

Keeping track of our rectifier installations enables us to provide our customers with the best Aftersales & Service possible. This is especially important since our installed base is ever-increasing, meaning more ships around the world are becoming fitted with KraftPowercon rectifiers. With the tools we have at our disposal, we can overlook and monitor all our installed equipment – enabling us to act proactively and efficiently if a situation occurs that demands our immediate attention.

3. We offer world-class aftersales and global support

We have an overriding idea when it comes to aftersales: We are here to improve the availability of your operations. Our global support network is always on standby, ready to help regardless of where you are in the world. Depending on your service request, we will allocate the right local resources to assist you in the most efficient and suitable manner. All aftersales related requests are handled by our remote support, which is reachable by phone, e-mail, or through our social media channels.

Our support team consists of experienced field service engineers that can assist you with all our products – ready and able to go on board on any mission assigned to KraftPowercon by our customers. This includes everything from urgent or planned service, upgrades to assisting on commissioning and consulting assistance.

Furthermore, our global network of spare part hubs ensures that you always have quick and close access to genuine spare parts that meet the most frequent and urgent needs. We also have a wide range of customized spare part kits to carry on board vessels – all manufactured and designed to meet customers’ and vessels’ uptime guarantee requirements. The kits are adapted and tailored to the unique rectifier solution on board.

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