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Dosatron Technology to dose a liquid or soluble concentrated into water, acid for example, and prepare an 'aqueous solution', or even dose and mix other liquids.

PT Elang Karunia has been a distributor of Dosatron since 2012 and has handled many customers, starting from enquiry, installation, to service.


Dosatron is the original inventor of the water-powered dosing pumps. Since the first Dosatron was first manufactured in 1974, Dosatron has grown to be the world leader in water-powered dosing technology. Today, Dosatron manufactures and sells a wide variety of chemical injectors in over 100 countries worldwide.

Dosatron was founded on innovation and invention, and these ideas continue to be the heart of our company. New chemical management challenges arise every day, and with Dosatron’s forward-thinking outlook and commitment to superior engineering, we are poised to inject tomorrow’s chemicals today.


Repeatability is the ability to recreate the same results again and again, automatically and with minimal maintenance.

Some chemical management strategies and products lose accuracy over time, causing the chemical mixture results to “drift” over a period of weeks or months. These changes can be the result of changes in water pressure and flow, or they can be due to equipment parts becoming clogged or degenerating.

Dosatron is different. Our chemical injectors operate on a volumetric dosing principal, which allows them to inject the correct amount of concentrate, regardless of changes in water pressure or flow. Since our injectors are the most durable on the market, as long as you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your Dosatron, you can be assured of repeatability for years to come.


  1. Irigation
  2. Dilution Solution
  3. Animal Health
  4. Drinking Water Treatment
  5. Nutrient Delivery System
  6. Food Safety & Sanitation
  7. Vehicle Wash
  8. Metal Processing & Printing

How It Works

  1. Water Flow
  2. Water enters the Dosatron body
  3. Concentrate is pulled up into the Dosatron
  4. Concentrate mixes with the incoming water
  5. Blended solution is discharged into the water line

Dosatron water-powered, non-electric chemical injectors are the easiest, most reliable way to accurately inject chemicals into water lines. Dosatron injectors work using volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow.

When water enters the injector, it triggers the hydraulic motor, which begins moving up and down inside the body of the injector. On the up stroke, the Dosatron draws fluid up from the concentrate tank in an action similar to a hypodermic syringe. On the down stroke, the concentrate is displaced into the mixing chamber, where it is mixed with the water flowing through the unit. Then the water-and-chemical mixture is discharged into the water lines.

Dosatron offers two types of hydraulic motors. Click below to watch the D14MZ2 Piston Dosatron